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Since our founding as a collaborative effort with The University of California and Harvard clinical research institutes, Music Thinks continues to use cognitive neuroscience research to inform how we engage with and innovate music therapy interventions.  We work with academic research institutions and trained music therapists to use basic neuroscience research to inform translational programs.  We aim to provide interventions to facilitate cognitive wellness programs in our communities. 

Stay in touch with us to get involved and stay up to date on leading music an neuroscience research.

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Music THINKS uses research to develop and implement programs to be used in clinical and social settings by address emotional, cognitive and social needs based on plasticity research.

By engaging with auditory, perception and motor processes involved in engagement with music, we aim to personalize experiences and help promote optimal cognition in disease models of health.  Current research suggests that engagement with music can help target brain regions that are not typically engaged in daily activity.

Within therapeutic frameworks, Music THINKS promotes the formation and stimulation of existing neural connections and the utilization of vital brain regions to help sustain cognitive development across the lifespan.

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"Music is becoming more and more of an issue in the cognitive neurosciences. A major finding in this research area is that musical practice is associated with structural and functional plasticity of the brain." 
-Lutz Jäncke
Scientific Director, International Normal Aging and Plasticity Imaging Center, University of Zurich


Music THINKS is a collaborative effort sparked by the need to positively impact the lives of those suffering cognitive decline, brain trauma, and mental illness. 

As a collaborative effort with UCLA Arts and Healing Initiative, we aim to directly serve sensitive populations to improve their wellbeing and develop skills sets to help them overcome illness and promote essential cognitive functions based on peer-reviewed music-based neuroscience research.


Our program development protocols partner with hospitals and care facilities to provide research-driven and technology facilitated programs within neuro-feedback and plasticity models to those in need within a interactive, safe and supportive environments.

We work with trained and credentialed therapists, clinical and educational support teams to implement programs.

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